FORD CORTINA: Grid Life South Featurette

I am a bit biased as I love older vehicles, but once I saw this Ford Cortina I knew this was featurette material. Being my first Cortina I see in the wild, I kept circling it to make sure I took in as much as possible, which is always impossible… I did my best though. Cleanliness and creativity are really the entire emphasis here. The master cylinder reservoirs have their own custom made housing, the steering wheel is a MOMO Prototipo and not some chrome plated billet wheel with wings, the cage is tight and unobtrusive, the chest in the trunk housing the fuel cell is creative genius and the stance paired with the OEM style bigger and wider wheels made this my favorite vehicle there. And it sounded amazing with the stack injection. Although technically an import, its nice to see older domestic makes making appearances at these types of shows. Can only hope for more in the future.







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