TRACK FIND: Team HMA Honda Accord

Today we serve up an interesting find from our latest track day perusing. We ran into Team HMA from Lincoln, Alabama at Road Atlanta where they were more than willing to show us their machine. A proper machine built not with stacks of cash, but with a little ingenuity, time and motivation. Some of it shows when you immediately realize that the doors and hood have been neatly trimmed of all unnecessary extra, fat we’ll call it, instead of opting for the more expensive carbon options. The front D.I.Y. splitter as well seemed to be some type of material not carbon or fiberglass. Of course there are some items that are just worth there use. The MOMO seat and steering wheel compliment the interior beautifully as do the FIKSE wheels solidify the exteriors race carness. The fabricated cage was also a beast in itself. Complete with gusseting we can only imagine the level of stability alone this would have provided to this platform.

In short, we loved it. Hope you do as well!























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